Beton Wandverkleidung

Die Akzent-Platte als Wandpaneele und Steinwand für Ihr Wohnzimmer

Wandverkleidungen aus Kunststoff, GFK und Walzbeton. Mit den Wandpaneelen der HolzArt-Serie ist eine praktische Wandverkleidung in modernem Design möglich. Rostplatte und Betonplatte sind schnell montiert und leicht zu reinigen. Wählen Sie bei der Gestaltung Ihrer modernen Räumlichkeiten Rollbeton und Rollrost-Wandverkleidung. Badezimmerpaneel, anthrazit;

Badverkleidung mit Schrumpflöchern, anthrazit; Theke für Betonmarketing Deutschland (BMD); Ästhetik mit Beton-Licht; Fugenbild; Detailansicht; Strellson, Shop in Lafayette; Strellson, Lille; perfekt, präzise und flach!

Akzentpaneel als Wandpaneel und Steinmauer für Ihr Wohnambiente

YOUR WINDOWS! We' ve got many imaginative notions for your wall! The right products for: ornamental equipment, shopfitting, shop-in-shop display, trade fair stands, stonewalls, natural stones, restaurants, hotels, spas, wineries, lounges, bedrooms, baths and galleys, chimney coverings, gardens and terraces, external facades and ceiling.

Customized, high-quality and versatile 3-D paneling and ceilings in brick look and other optics provide you with a one-of-a-kind setting for the style of your life. As your competent partners for all your decorating furnishing wishes - our beautiful stonewall decor walls give your rooms the ambiance you are looking for.

Our range offers you tailor-made stonewall systems - either with extruded concrete slabs or with modern finishes, e.g. our accent slabs. It is our goal to realize your personal home wishes and wishes. Would you like a stonewall for your lounge? Would you like to turn an outer brick wall into a stonewall?

Our cast slab's very real istic and appealing effect makes it possible to create an appealing stonewall in no time. A new product: "Akzent" walls, designer module and 3-D walls from Dallmond are now also available from us. Made for cabinetmakers, woodworkers, furniture manufacturers, cabinetmakers, interior architects and shopfitters.

The' Akzent' boards are both an expansion of our products and a supplement to our choice of 3-D decor wallcoverings. Customised, high-quality and versatile wallpanel options give every room a distinctive atmosphere and provide you with a uniquely fascinating habitat. Cover your partitions with cast stonewall panelling - this is the simplest and fastest way to achieve the look of a stonewall.

You can choose from a wide range of almost limitless options for creating attractive brick style ceilings with the genuine extruded concrete slab. Turn your habitat - and realize your dreams of an exceptional mediterranen haven in rocks. You only need a little bit of care in the design to redesign your partitioning.

Your customers like to stay in a stony atmosphere in gastronomic businesses. This eye-catching stonewall will put your product in the right perspective as a shopfitting element. Select from over forty different 3-D panels to create the effect design that gives your interiors the ambiance of gem.

Made of fibreglass in brick look, these walls fulfil the highest demands on workmanship and are also 100% outdoors. The look of our rock-look wallpanels is like that of a quarry brick, with the difference that they are very easy and fast to work with. With the''Akzent'' decor board we are offering you endless creative options for all industrial and residential properties.

Creativity for your ceiling and ceiling! Facelift your partitions with our 3-D Decor wallpanels from the accent series. Let yourself be inspire by the design of the following: Fleming, Bar, Wave, Wibbon, Strand, Curve, Cycle, Game, Rococo, Game, Sand, Flowers, Port Arts, Big Dots, Big Dots, Ocean, Tiles, Forests, Canyons, Rococo and more.

Our accent wallpanels' three-dimensional finishes give your rooms a lively contrast. Whether it' s a question of dividing a room or a headboard, a choice of 3-D accent board made of mb. fibreboard. These grille units consist of large-format units which are used as room partitioning systems in internal design, internal fittings and exterior cladding.

With our range of DURUMMOND flooring solutions we provide you with endless creative options for all areas of business and offices. Customized, high-quality and versatile panels and room separators from Celosia's range of diffusers provide you with a feeling of uniqueness in a contemporary workspace. Our company is your competent business associate in all areas of interiors, inner decoration & plannings and officeform.

If you are looking for all facets of modernising and furnishing your offices, our range of our product range will give you the right ambiance and the right functionality. Our company specialises in internal architecture and finishing.

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